Rules of the Paso Doble

18th January 2017

The Paso Doble; the most important Ballroom dance style there is according to Rico and Abuela. If you’re going to attempt the quick-footed Spanish style, you had better do it right, not only in footwork but in feeling. Follow these steps to make sure you get it exactly right…

  • All moves should be sharp and quick, with the chest held up and out epitomising pride and dignity.
Strictly Ballroom at the West Yorkshire Playhouse
  • Dancers must possess both composure and stealth.
  • Feet should always be in contact with the floor for better stability and control.


  • The steps are highly stylised in a staccato rhythm.
  • The man’s weight should be over the balls of his feet and towards the inside edges.
  • The woman should have her chest held high with the rib cage carried up from the waist.
  • The dancers need to keep a rigid and close hold throughout the steps.
  • Heart and passion are essential to a true Paso Doble, feel the music with your heart.