Ballroom Beauty Tips

13th January 2017

Do you want to know what it takes to get ballroom ready? Well wait no longer, we have compiled a list of essential beauty tips to make sure you dazzle and shine just as much as Tina Sparkle or Liz Holt.

Follow the steps below to be transformed in to a ballroom superstar.

1. When it comes to foundation the darker the better. The trick is to ensure it is thick enough to cover your pores, we don’t want any sweat to show. Don’t cover your neck or ears, we want your face to stand out.

2. Bronze and highlight to contour the natural highs and lows of your face. This is so that when you step on the dancefloor, and the spotlight hits your face, your cheekbones look as sharp as your heels.


3. The key to eyeshadow is to blend, blend, blend! If you think your eyebrow is a barrier to stop eyeshadow, you’re wrong. Opt for shade names such as ‘Pink Sunrise’, ‘Island Fantasy’, ‘Loco Lime’ or ‘Purple Peacock’.


4. Never stop after one pair of false lashes. Put on the first pair, leave them to dry, then apply a second pair. For the third layer, use a pair of lashes that match your costume. If you’re a Tina Sparkle, use lashes with diamantes. If you’re a Liz Holt, try feathers!

5. Lips should involve two steps: 1) Lip liner and 2) Lip gloss. Make sure you use a red colour with cool tones to make your teeth look whiter. Hot pink is also good. Avoid orange shades to ensure you have a winning smile to flash the judges.


6. Apply glitter to your eyes so that if it catches the light it could temporarily blind an opponent.

7. Spray superglue hold hairspray to your hair, face, shoes, feet, and nails. NB: Buy three industrial sized cans in advance.

8. Always wear clip-on earrings to avoid horrific accidents. They can’t be too big, so use bold colours to make sure they stand out! Also, jewellery doesn’t have to stop at the ears! You can apply it to your face and in your hair as well! Literally glue it wherever there is a spot unclaimed by something shiny.

9. At competition, you don’t want to get washed away in the bright lights. This is why spray tans are essential. DON’T moisturise beforehand, otherwise your tan will look natural. If you don’t have a friend to help you do your back, you can spray the tan into the air and shimmy backwards into the mist.


10. Wear a nude nail varnish. You don’t want to come across too over the top so it’s good to have a natural look for your hands. To match the correct skin tone achieved from tanning, we recommend shade names such as ‘Espresso Holiday’, ‘Chocolate Sundae’ or ‘Burnt Toast’.

11. When styling your hair, you want to give yourself a free, quick and easy facelift by pulling your hair back super tight and securing with plenty of hairspray. With the rest of the hair you can create a sassy pineapple, a sleek bun or a diamanté encrusted pretzel.


12. Finally, you need to decide on your costume. If your dress isn’t covered in feathers, diamantes, rhinestones, tassels or ruffles then you’re not ready for the Pan Pacific! Get sewing!
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